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Most people only know about Lychee from the fruit, but there is more to that amazing tree. The following article is aimed at informing you on Lychee Wood. It is a great hardwood that can be used as one piece to make a dining table slab.

About Lychee Wood

Litchi chinensis can be described as an evergreen tree which typically gets only as high as 49ft or 15m tall. There are instances where it does get as high as 92 ft or 28 m.

Lychee wood has a bark that looks grey-black, with the branches being a reddish brown. Its leaves are always green and they measure at 12.5-20cm or 4.9-7.9 inches long. Its leaflets are usually in 2 to 4 pairs. The Lychee tree has foliage similar to Lauraceae, probably due to close evolution. Its leaves have evolved to repel water, causing them to be known as lauroid or laurophyll leaves. The wood derived from the tree is extremely luscious. The properties and qualities of this particular wood ensure that it is an extremely versatile source of wood for making tables.

Lychees are actually extensively cultivated in nations such as China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indian and other tropical countries in the Southeast of Asia. It has also shown great resilience to be grown outside this corridor in Brazil, South Africa, Australia, the Caribbean, the south-eastern part of the United States and Israel. The Lychee tree requires a climate that has summertime heat, humidity and rainfall. The best way to grow this is usually on slightly acidic soil that is properly drained. These trees are typically grown for either their fruit or to serve as an ornamental tree.

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Origin of Lychee Wood

Lychee is the only member of the Litchi genus of Sapindaceae which is the soapberry family. It is tropical in nature and is native to both the Fujian and Guangdong provinces of mainland China. Cultivation of the Lychee has been documented since 1059 AD. Because of this long history of cultivation, China has become the major producer of all Lychees, with India and other Southeast Asia countries following behind. It is also grown in South Africa and the Indian subcontinent. As you might already be aware, the lychee as an evergreen tree produces tiny fleshy fruits. The fruits have an outer skin which is inedible, roughly textured and coloured pink red. This casing covers a sweet flesh that is typically consumed in numerous, varying dessert dishes.

Lychee wood is actually a form of hardwood which as its name sounds is derived from the lychee tree which is evergreen. It is the only member of the Litchi genus which is in the soapberry family. As stated earlier, lychee trees do not grow that big. The size they attain is that which closely resembles the diameter of a saucer. This is because the rings of the years are extremely tight, however this design flaw means that locating a tree with a sufficient sized trunk to create a Solid wood countertop would mean finding a tree that is a minimum of 50 years. This makes it extremely difficult and rare to locate a tree with a size that is suitable to make a sole wood slab table.

Lychee Wood

Lychee wood can be said to be premium wood and that makes it perfect for a Lychee wood table. This is because the wood is extremely dense, durable and hard. Lychee wood is a premium solid wood that has great rot resistance, as well as wonderful anti-termite properties. Simply because of its durability and the other properties associated with this wood, lychee wood can be perfectly suited to make outdoor tables, or dining tables. It can also be used in public spaces which require solid wood materials with properties like water resistance.

Lychee wood comes with a brownish red wood tone which is natural. It also has a wonderful zig zag grain which has been referred to as the tiger skin design.

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Review of Lychee Wood from Wood Capitol

One of the most important furniture pieces in any home, particularly over the holiday season is a dining table. It does not matter what you use your dining table for, lychee wood is able to handle it as it very durable. Now, one of the things that most people want from their dining table is something that is not only sturdy, but something that looks great and is capable of being a focal point. It should also be something that can accommodate comfortably. This is because the dining table is typically a gathering spot in most houses.

When looking at what material of wood to make your dining table, experts will tell you that you should always get hardwoods. Most people usually opt for woods such as walnut, maple or mahogany, but there is one wood type that appears to be forgotten, yes you guessed, Lychee wood. One of the advantages that Lychee wood has over other hardwoods is that it is not only strong but also sturdy.

You are able to get lychee wood as a single wooden slab. This ensures that you get a continuous piece. Lychee has an innate tendency to simply blend into any home. Typically, lychee wood would not be considered a traditional material, simply because most people are only just becoming aware of its amazing properties, however, it can really become the focus of a room. One thing it does however, is help any piece of furniture in the vicinity blend in as well. It has a natural elegance and beauty to it, especially if you leave the wood slab as natural as possible.

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When trying to determine the shape you would want your dining table to be, you should be aware that the best way to get your lychee wood is to get a single solid slab. This is not just because of quality purposes, as joining this wood together would look unsightly, regardless of who’s doing it. Also lychee wood typically comes in one slab due to the way nature has intended the tree to grow. Another advantage is that this wood is able to take paint quite well. This is a great benefit to have if you are interested in painting your dining table to look a certain way and to have a certain feel. Its naturally occurring criss cross grains help it take to staining much quicker and easier than other hardwoods. Having a hard wood dining table ensures that the dining room is flared thanks to the beautiful finish that nature has given it and that helps to create a lasting impact that captivates.

One factor of this wood that can not be understated at all is its durability. You can ensure that when you invest in a lychee wood slab for your dining table, you are sure to have furniture that will last for a very long time and that makes it an extremely attractive buy.

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Best Outdoor Solid Wood Table

When it comes to finding the right type of wood for your outdoor table, look no further than getting a lychee wood slab. Not only is it durable due to any preventive measures taken on it to protect it against nature, it is naturally hardy, given that the lychee tree which the lychee wood is derived from is able to survive and thrive in a tropical climate that most other trees are unable to.

You might decide to search online for the perfect lychee table, and while pictures with the very best resolution can show you how great that piece of lychee wood slab is and how its grain looks, it is still unable to show or tell you how it feels. The only recommended way to experience the awesomeness that is a table derived from Lychee wood is to feel one for yourself and have a look at it.

Lychee Wood Slabs

With a Lychee wood slab, you are able to create a lychee table, an outdoor solid wood table, a solid wood countertop or any other table with any shape you can think of. The great thing about this wood is that it does not limit you with its shape; you are able to create just about anything. This wood is perfect for those that want to create a nice piece of outdoor furniture that they can leave outside and be sure that it would be able to withstand whatever the elements throw at it. Lychee wood is known to be extremely versatile and hardy.

That being said, if you are searching for hard wood that comes in a single piece, then Lychee wood is definitely the one for you. This is because it is not only a great wood material for making furniture like a dining table, but it is also available in a very large wood slab, ensuring that the entire table has grain continuity and that is something you or anyone can put a price on. We have more than 20 pieces of Lychee Wood Slabs to choose from. Visit us now to find out more!