Product Care

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After you’ve purchased a table from us, it’s important to follow the proper care steps to preserve their finish. This will allow them to retain their durability and aesthetic qualities for many years to come.

If you’ve followed the tips below and you still need assistance, be sure to contact or visit us today. We take pride in supporting our customers not only during the purchase process, but after it as well.

Pro-Tip: Wood Capitol uses in-house nano coating and kiln-dried wood which makes the wood surfaces water resistant. Additionally, treated surfaces exhibit oil repellent properties by preventing oil from penetrating wood surfaces.

All our product are non-toxic. We care for our own health, as well as you and your family’s.


No maintenance oil or cleaner is required as it is protected by our nano coating. Just use a damp cloth by wiping down your Solid Wood Tables or Wood Furniture to remove dust and grime. If you spot any oily or sticky residue on your solid wood table or wood furniture, you can mix it with hand soap which is gentle to your hands. Avoid using harsh chemical such as dishwasher liquid, alcohol swipe and hand sanitizer to clean your wood products.

Coasters & Place Mats

We believe that in buying our wood slabs you should be enjoying your beautiful wood and not cover it. We advises our customers not to place any Coasters or Place Mats as it is important to note that it can have moisture or dye trapped underneath them, which may damage the wood over time. Rest assure that all our solid wood products are kiln-dried and protected by our nano coating without the need of using such protectors. Only use coaster when placing cast iron material such as hot kettle or pans, be sure to put the coaster away when you’re done with it so it’s off the table.

Hot and Cold Items

From placing a cold drink and to putting down a bowl of hot soup or even using an induction hotpot cooker, it will not damage the surface of our wooden products as our wood is fully kiln-dried and nano protected. However, never put any hot kettle or pans, particularly cast iron directly on any material. Such heat can leave a burnt mark or white heat stains.


Like all materials, solid wood will develop slight hairline scratches in normal daily use. For this reason, you should avoid dragging items on the table or placing items on it in a rough way. The good thing about solid wood is inherently renewable and restorable due to its solid density. Most damage, including severe impact, heat or chemical damage, can be restored to its original look and condition by refinishing.

Removing Stains

Wipe up all food & drink stains promptly within 3 hours. Leaving chemical stains such as dyes and marker etc. can only be removed by sanding. Do not attempt to fix it yourself and never scrub your table. It will only damage the surface, exposing the wood underneath to other elements.

Sunlight and Weather Exposure

It’s important to take care of your wooden furniture, and that involves placing it in the right environment. Keep the wooden furniture in areas without direct sunlight or rain. Ideally, it should be in a cool place with level and stable ground. Under every circumstance, you should also keep it from weather exposure. In short, a dry, indoor room without direct prolong light exposure will work well for wooden tables.

Need Refinishing?

While the nano coatings on our tables are designed to last for up to 10 years, we understand that circumstances can happen that require refinishing. If you need your table refinished, we’ll be happy to provide this service for you. Our rates start at $800. Feel free to contact us if you’d like a quote for your specific table. [Contact Us]