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Black Walnut Table from Wood Capitol: Dine like Royalty

The American Black Walnut has grown in stature as the choice of wood to make beautiful and durable tables. The Black Walnut’s unique designs and grains make these tables stand out. A lot of customers misidentify the South American Walnut as the Black Walnut. The Black Walnut is of a completely different species and is much more expensive compared to the South American Walnut because of logging restrictions.

So what else makes the Black Walnut a compelling wood choice?

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Black Walnut’s Origins

Juglans Nigra is popularly known as Black Walnut is a slow-growing tree that is native to the eastern side of North America and is known for its versatile uses. The fruits and walnuts of the Juglans Nigra are much desired for their taste and are used as ingredients in many foods such as ice cream, cakes, cookies and pies.

But most importantly this tree is known for its wood. It’s a deciduous tree from the Walnut family that grows up to 120 feet and has an approximate diameter of 2 to 3 feet. Black Walnut wood has been popular throughout history for its durability and has been used for creating Gun Stocks, Paddles, Flooring and of course furniture. Being a commercially thriving wood, the Black Walnut is protected extensively by the US Forest Service against poachers.

The Natural Grains and Colouring

 The Black Walnut is nature’s gift to humanity. It’s naturally beautiful and the craftsmen’s efforts are minimal when it comes to making the wood look beautiful. The Black Walnut’s exterior sapwood has a rich white colour to it, whereas the interior heartwood is more of a golden-brown. In some rare cases, the heartwood also comes in a grey or purple tint that is very unique. This mix in colour gives the wood its beautiful patterns and finish. The grains of the Black Walnut is straight and gives it a seamless and classic finish that will never go out of trend. Some types of Black Walnut also have a waviness to the grains and apart from that the wood has knots, checks and mineral streaks that adds character to the wood. Sometimes certain types of wood are stained to give make the colours pop. Black Walnut’s colours are naturally rich that they don’t need any staining!

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 Black Walnut without a doubt is one of the most durable hardwoods out there. The only type of hardwoods that can give a stiff competition to the Black Walnut in durability is Cedars and Chestnut. Black Walnuts also are resistant against warping and decay, this means they make great outdoor furniture as well. Its durability comes from the density and dimensional stability that makes it shock-proof and also much more sturdy. This makes it the perfect wood for tables.

Easy to Mill

Milling is the action of breaking down of wood into flat logs to make furniture. The milling of wood is dependent on how hard the wood is. The Janka Scale which ranges from 0 to 4000 rates the hardness of the wood. According to the Janka Scale, the Black Walnut has a rating of 1010. This means the Black Walnut is not too brittle (Closer to 0) for furniture making or not too hard that it is difficult to cut open and mill. Woods like Oak and Maple are much harder to mill because of their density. The Black Walnut has the perfect density and strength that makes it easy for craftsmen and at the same time is hard enough to last for decades. The only downside to working with the Black Walnut is the time the wood takes to dry.

Comparing Black Walnut to Suar Wood

The Black Walnut is always compared to Suar Wood when it comes to the wood of choice for making tables. The Black Walnut is more durable and harder compared to Suar Wood as it is. However, Black Walnut is often book-matched due to the depth of the tree logs is not as wide as Suar Wood, When it comes to the complete grains and patterns, Suar Wood is a better alternative.

American Black Walnut

Design Style

For people who want a more natural and rustic look, the Black Walnut is a perfect choice. This natural finish is called Character Grade wood and is sought after in Singapore homes. Adding to the look of the Black Walnut is the minimal or no staining and also the live edge tables that give it a “straight out of nature” look. The style and design of these tables have a timeless look. Which means, even if the decor of your changes over the years, your Black Walnut table will stand the test of time in terms of durability and design.

The Wood Capitol Promise and Process

At Wood Capitol, we believe in giving our customers furniture they’ve dreamt of. Our team of master curators source only the finest pieces of Black Walnut and our master craftsmen put in their best efforts to accentuate the look of this naturally beautiful wood. Every table is customised and handmade according to your needs. Choose the size and the type of stand you want for your table and we’ll get it done! We are big on Quality Assurance and we make sure every piece of furniture that goes out of our warehouse is smooth, beautiful and ready to be used.

Get a beautiful Black Walnut table from Wood Capitol today!