What is Ash Wood and What Makes It Perfect For Your Table?

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Ash Wood Table Top

Having a sleek wooden table that fits your style and budget is a relief. All of your efforts to own it would be paid off, and you will be able to enjoy your purchased desk for many years to come.

You can achieve this goal by first choosing a suitable wood material. If you ask us which one to pick from the diverse hardwood types, Ash wood would be one of our recommendations, aside from Black Walnut, Suar Wood, and Tamarind Wood. That’s because it has several notable qualities you should take notice of.

So, what are the distinguishing characteristics of Ash wood that make it an ideal material for your desk? Find your answer right here, as this article delves into this wood type!

What is Ash Wood?

Ash wood is derived from Ash trees that grow mainly in subtropical forests. The trees, which are members of the Fraxinus genus and the Oleaceae family, are strong and widely used industrially as interior items, including tables.

Also popular by the name White Ash, the tree grows to a height of 20 to 30 metres. It usually has a slender shape with a trunk diameter of 0.6 to 1.1 metres. 

People cultivate the tree for its wood, which makes an excellent material to be shaped into sturdy wooden items that will last for many years.

Ash trees, in addition to being strong, produce lightweight and elastic wood slabs. As a result, Ash wood is a popular choice for furniture that is not only durable but also portable and shock-resistant.

Additionally, the wood slab is recognisable by its beige to light brown hue and straight grains with occasional swirls. These features are excellent for making furniture that complements the current trend of modern, light-hued American and Scandinavian-style home aesthetics.

Ash Wood Wooden Table

More Information About Ash Trees

Due to its grey surface, Fraxinus americana, which appears to be slender and spread from North America to Northern Europe, is known as Ash. People outside of the area where the trees natively grow also refer to them as Ash, mainly to how often they’re shipped to other countries.

More interestingly, due to the Ash tree’s vast growth, people in several places have been relying on it for centuries. Let’s take a look at how history records the purposes of Ash trees below:

Magic and Folklore

Ash, before technology and modern civilisation, came into existence, served as a sacred tree. Communities in what is now Norway believed that the tree, also called Yggdrasil, possessed mythical power that played a significant role in their lives.

The ancient Norse regarded Ash as a huge tree that extends far across the sky, often called a world tree. Due to its significance, the Ash tree was deemed to bind the nine realms of the Norse world together and became the source of all life.

Early Modern Civilisation

Civilisation progressed from merely deeming Ash as a sacred tree to actually using it for practical purposes. In the 17th century, a silviculturist named John Evelyn regarded the tree so greatly that he insisted that at least one-third of the woods planted in the UK be Ash.

The woods were later shaped into common items such as hammers, spades, and axes. Aside from that, Ash wood was popular for horse carriages, which were the primary mode of transportation at the time.

Current Ash Wood Uses

Nowadays, the trees that grow abundantly in subtropical forests are commercially used for a variety of purposes. Those include furniture items, utensils, and musical instruments, among other goods.

People fall for Ash because it is strong, has shock resistance, and is versatile, making it suitable for a wide range of uses. Aside from that, Ash has an intriguing light colour that is popular in modern home decor, such as American and Scandinavian furniture.

Many Singaporeans are also into minimalist and modern home design. Hence, light hue Ash wood furniture is quite favoured here. You can find anything, including a table of any size and shape, built from this wood.

Ash Wood Table Singapore

What Makes Ash Wood An Excellent Choice?

Any Ash wood is an excellent choice for making furniture. Aside from enhancing your light and minimalistic home aesthetic, there are several other benefits you’ll get when using this straight-grained timber for your wooden desk, including:


The hardness level of Ash timber ranges from 850 to 1480 based on Janka scale. That density will be sufficient to provide you with a sturdy wooden table. Your table will be strong enough to support the weight you place on it without cracking.


Ash tree grows more abundantly than other rare hardwood trees, making it costs more affordable compared rare timbers like Black Walnut. Choosing ash wood furniture will get you aesthetically pleasing goods without worrying about breaking your bank account.


Ash wood is a versatile timber that lasts for many years with proper care. Opting for this type of wood will allow you to keep the interior furniture that you cherish throughout your day-to-day life.


Have you ever worried about your furniture getting damaged from heavy usage? You won’t have to worry about it if you choose ash wood furniture. It is a shock-resistant timber that can withstand the inevitable heavyweight and bumps from daily use.

Ash Wood Slab Table

What is Ash Wood Best For?

Now that you’ve learned about the advantages of Ash wood, it’s time to learn about how the perks apply to different types of furniture, particularly tables. In the following, we’ll explore various desks that can be made with this wood.

Live Edge Table

The live edge table has a timeless rustic design that will look elegant when you opt for an Ash wood slab. The straight and regular grains, combined with a light brown hue, will appear neatly in your minimalistic living space.

Additionally, Ash wood live edge tables are strong and durable. It seamlessly holds weight and pressure from daily use for years to come.

Dining Table

In most households, a dining table is a focal point. Apart from being the main interior item, a family usually spends much time at the dining table.

Therefore, the dining table should look appealing to enhance your home space. Choosing Ash wood is a wise move as not only it looks elegant, but it’s also durable so that you can use it long-lastingly.

Coffee Table

A coffee table is an item that adds sleekness to your home. It usually has a unique appearance, created based on their respective tastes.

If you’re looking for a coffee table, ash wood makes a perfect choice. It has an attractive light brown colour with strong material, allowing you to keep it for a long time.

How To Take Proper Care of Ash Wood Furniture?

Even though Ash wood is naturally strong and durable, there are a few precautions you should be aware of. Understanding the protection guideline will help you keep your furniture in good condition for a longer time.

Some of the precautions you should know to keep your ash wood table in perfect condition are as follows:

  • Cleanse with a damp cloth; avoid harsh chemicals to clean your wooden table as they can damage the surface; using water and soap is enough.
  • Avoid coasters and placemats; our wood products are kiln-dried and protected with nano-coating. This way, you don’t need to cover your table unless you want to place a hot kettle, but remember to put it away once done.
  • No direct hot aluminium-based item on the table; a hot kettle and pan can gradually damage your wooden table. The solution is to use placemats that protect the surface.
  • Avoid placing or dragging an item roughly; roughly placing or dragging an item leads to a scratched table, which looks unappealing.
  • Keep your furniture in a suitable environment; ideally, wooden furniture should be kept in indoor rooms to prevent it from breaking due to extreme weather changes.
Ash Wood Dining Table

Are Ash Trees Rare?

Unlike Black Walnut, Ash trees grow abundantly and are not extinct. They massively flourish throughout the North America and Northern Europe subtropical forests. 

However, that doesn’t mean that Ash won’t run short in the future. According to 2021 data from the National Park Service, the quantity of Ash continues to decline. From the initial amount of 300,000 in 2010 to only 80,000.

Fortunately, there is hope for Ash’s sustainability, as not all Fraxinus species are facing extinction. While Green Ash or Fraxinus pennsylvanica and Black Ash or Fraxinus nigra types continue to decline drastically, other types of the tree, including White Ash or Fraxinus americana will be highly likely to survive.

The Importance of Environmentally Aware Cultivation

Ash wood, despite its abundance, is facing a risk of extinction. Hence, using it as a furniture material, as people have done for years, bears the responsibility to preserve its density in the forest.

It is possible to maintain its quantity through environmentally aware cultivation practises. The practise emphasises the importance of sourcing natural wood that is harvested sustainably.

Sustainable harvesting usually involves using only legally matured solid wood. Doing this equals a pledge to be environmentally responsible, allowing the young trees to grow optimally while preserving and protecting their density in their natural ecosystem.


Is Ash a good wood?

Yes, Ash is a good wood you can choose as your table material. It is a solid wood that makes your table withstand years of usage.

Ash timber also has a light colour combination, consisting of a beige to light brown hue. That makes a perfect natural wood material that will suit your modern home interior design perfectly.

What are the advantages of Ash wood?

There are several advantages you can get when choosing Ash wood as your tabletops material. Here are some of the perks you can enjoy:

  • It’s durable; Ash wood furniture has been proven to last for years so that you can pass it down through generations.
  • It’s sturdy; the Ash tree has a hardness level of 1320 on a Janka scale. It will withstand everyday uses without easily breaking.
  • It’s shock-resistant; Aside from being strong, Ash timber also has shock-resistant flexibility. That adds value to being a long-lasting furniture material.
  • It has a beautiful colour; Ash timber consists of beige to light brown colour combinations. That makes it a perfect match for your light-themed interior. 
  • It’s affordable; Unlike endangered trees, Ash costs affordably as it grows abundantly in its natural environment.

What type of wood is Ash?

Ash belongs to the hardwood timber cultivated from Fraxinus trees. There are many types of Fraxinus trees, but the one most commonly used is White Ash or Fraxinus americana.

What is White Ash wood used for?

Nowadays, it’s popular to see White Ash used for a variety of furniture. From tabletops and chairs to barn doors. Getting White Ash as your furniture material will guarantee you durable, sturdy, and beautiful wooden items you’ll cherish everyday.

How do you clean Ash wood furniture?

The simplest way to clean your Ash wood furniture is by wiping it down with a damp cloth. Avoid using a chemical cleanser, as it can damage the surface. A damp cloth and soap should be enough to remove heavy dirt or stains.

You may want to read our protection guidelines to better understand what you should and should not do with your Ash wood furniture. And if you experience any difficulties in removing a heavily stained surface, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will gladly refine your table.

Ash Wood Wooden Dining Table Singapore

Shop Ash Tables Only From A Reputable Wood Specialist

Purchasing an Ash wood table can be perplexing if you’re unsure whether or not the woodworker can deliver the quality you expect. Hence, shopping for one from a reputable and experienced wood specialist will save you from future regrets.

Wood Capitol‘s passion for the creation of functional furniture, combined with our team’s over 30 years in the carpentry industry, will give you the peace of mind that you’re getting quality wooden furniture that will last for a long time and look great in your home.

We also pledge to be environmentally responsible by sourcing only the finest mature wood that will last you for years. This way, you can have your beloved table that you can pass down through generations.

Contact us today, and we’ll gladly work on your dream tables made of the quality Ash timber on the market.