What is Purple Heart Wood and Why It’s Perfect For Tabletops?

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Purple Heart Wooden Table Top

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to choosing a tabletop, whether that be for your home, office, or business. Aesthetics, strength, and durability are some of the factors you need to think of while selecting the right wood type.

One way you can fulfil these criteria in your tabletops is by choosing purple heart wood. Purple heart is the type of solid wood that is commonly used to make long-lasting furniture aside from other timbers like Suar Wood, Tamarind Wood and Black Walnut.

Eager to learn more about this aesthetically unique wood? Let’s continue reading as we will explain to you the characteristics of purple heart wood and how it makes a perfect material for tabletops.

Introduction To Purple Heart Wood

Purple heart wood, as the name suggests, is a violet timber that is harvested from Peltogyne trees. The trees grow mainly in the tropical forest of Central and Southern America, including Mexico, Brazil, and Guyana. 

Peltogyne trees are medium to large sized, growing to 30 – 50 metres, with a trunk diameter of up to 1.5 metres. The heartwood of Peltogyne will have light brown to rich violet hue after being cut, making it popular with the name purple heart wood.

It is nearly impossible to find other woods of similar natural colour, which result in the high value of purple heart timber. Aside from that, purple heart trees are also rare. You may only be able to get furniture items made from purple heart wood in this generation before the trees went extinct.

People who adore its unique-looking timber typically use it for making furniture, guitar, and other wooden decorative items. But in this case, we will focus more on purple heart uses in furniture making, especially for tabletops that are part of home essentials.

What Makes Purple Heart Wood A Superb Choice?

Anyone, including you, will want the best quality out of a tabletop purchase so that it will be cherishable after years of use. Purple heart wood makes an ideal material that you can choose, as it bears the following characteristics:


There is no other wood that has a violet colour like purple heart timber. That makes this timber its own uniqueness, distinguishable from other wood types. In turn, opting for this timber will make your tabletop one-of-a-kind that adds to your interior aesthetics. If you are someone who likes vibrant colour furniture in your home, this timber makes a perfect fit for you.


Purple heart is timber with a Janka hardness level of 2520. Owning a tabletop made of this wood will guarantee that it will be strong against any kind of force from everyday use. In addition, the strength of your tabletop also adds to its elegance and enjoyable tactile experience while touching it. As a result, you will be proud of having a furniture item made of this material.


Purple heart’s strength, aside from making it able to withstand everyday use, also protects it from decay. With its strength, the purple heart has high density and water resistance, reducing the chance of it decaying, as well as experiencing fungi and termite attacks.


The strength and decay resistance of purple heart wood leads to it being durable. That means having a tabletop made of this material will allow you to keep it for many years, even passing it down for generations.

The Process of Transforming Purple Heart Wood Into Furniture Items 

Purple heart wood furniture needs to go through several processes in order for it to attain its favourable characteristics, such as being strong, decay-resistant, durable, and visually appealing. The steps entail kiln-drying and coat application, as we will explain below.


Kiln-drying is a method of pushing out water from the wood using heat. The process entails placing the wood inside a heated chamber, which will be dried with controlled temperature and humidity levels. For purple heart timber, it usually takes around 8 weeks for the timber to be completely free of moisture.

As a result, kiln-dried purple heart timber will be strong against warping and cracking, which is common in damp wood. Insects and other types of parasites will also be removed from the timber throughout the process.

Nano coating application

Nanocoating is a type of thin-film coating that uses nanoparticles to create a protective barrier on a surface. The layer is only a few nanometers thick, which is invisible to the naked eye and helps preserve the natural-looking wood.

When applied to the purple heart wood surface, nanocoating will give the following advantages:

  • Resistance to water and other liquid absorption; can cause warping and cracks in the long run.
  • Protection against UV rays; UV rays can be harmful to your purple heart furniture, which can cause it to fade and discolour over time.
  • Scratch-resistant surface; polished purple heart wood furniture will safeguard against scratches from everyday use, preserving its aesthetics for a long time.
Purple Heart Table

Types of Tabletops Made From Purple Heart Wood

Purple heart wood’s prized characteristics (e.g., strong, decay-resistant, and durable), combined with its unique violet hue, makes it a perfect material for your tabletop. However, tabletops have varying purposes, and you may need a specific one that fits your needs.

Let’s check out the following purple heart wood tabletop types that can be made from purple heart timber:

Dining tables

Dining tables are where families gather and enjoy their meals together on a daily basis. Having a dining table that is visually appealing can lift up your mood, allowing you and your family to savour the food even more.

Kitchen tops

Kitchen tops usually come in contact with liquid splashes, such as water, oil, and spices, from daily cooking. Hence, when you choose a wooden kitchen top, you need to ensure that the material is water-resistant, so it will not easily decay.

Coffee tables

Coffee tables are small desks placed mostly in the living room. Not only will a coffee table serves as a storage place but having it will also add a lively nuance to your home interior. Choosing a purple heart timber material may be suitable, as it has an elegant-looking violet colour that enhances your home aesthetics.

Computer tables

Computer tables typically hold a fair amount of weight from the monitor, keyboard, speaker, and other PC parts. That necessitates computer tables to be sturdy enough to support the load without easily breaking.

How To Take Better Care Of Your Purple Heart Tabletop

After receiving your purple heart wood tabletop, it is important for you to take proper care of it to preserve its polished finish. By taking care of it, you will be able to retain its durability and aesthetic qualities for years to come.

Here is our suggestion for taking care of your purple heart tabletop:

  • Use a damp cloth or a combination of water and soap to cleanse the surface; our furniture items are all protected with nano coating, so you won’t need to use harsh chemicals, such as alcohol wipes, dishwasher liquid or hand sanitiser to clean them.
  • Avoid using coasters and placemats that cover the surface; our furniture items are properly kiln-dried and applied with nanocoating, reducing the need to use coaster and placemat covers at all times that may damage the wood.
  • Refrain from placing hot cast iron on the surface; hot cast iron may leave burnt marks on the wood. However, placing other items like a hot soup bowl and induction hotpot cooker should be fine.
  • Avoid dragging items roughly; solid wood, like any other material, will have hairline scratches from everyday use. Hence you will need to avoid dragging items roughly to prevent the scratches from being visible.
  • Never attempt to remove chemical stains on your own; chemical stains are only removable with sanding, and attempting to remove them on your own will only damage the wood’s surface.
  • Keep your tabletop away from direct sunlight and rain; if you wish to keep your tabletop for years to come, it is necessary to place it in the right environment, away from direct sunlight and rain drops.
Purple Heart Dining Table

Where To Shop For a Purple Heart Tabletop

After our discussion about purple heart wood’s prized characteristics, now you may be wondering where you should shop for one. In this case, you will need to ensure that you purchase it through a provider that has a reputable experience in the woodworking industry such as Wood Capitol where hundreds of Purple Heart wood slabs are readily available.

You may also want to shop for a tabletop made of purple heart wood or any other timber type from a seller that provides refinishing services. This way, you will be guaranteed that you can keep your item durable and aesthetically pleasing for years to come.


How does purple heart wood differ from other types of wood?

Purple heart wood is distinguishable by its unique violet-coloured timber. There are no other types of wood that bear a similar hue as this Peltogyne timber.

Is purple heart wood rare?

Nowadays, it’s getting more difficult to obtain purple heart trees that are native to the tropical rainforest of Central and Southern America. As a result, you may only be able to get furniture made from purple heart wood in this generation before it went extinct.

Final Thoughts

As you have reached the bottom line, it should be clear that purple heart wood is a highly sought-after material for furniture making, particularly for tabletops. Its unique violet colour, strength, decay resistance, and durability make it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a long-lasting and visually pleasing tabletop.

At Wood Capitol, we provide high-quality tabletops made from fully matured purple heart wood that you can pick for your own. Visit us today, and we will gladly walk you through our quality furniture-making process!