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Wooden tables were always popular amongst people who adore natural-looking grains and colours. Perhaps you also like how they look and are currently eyeing the available options in the market.

However, there are a lot of wood types that are usually used to make tables. Choosing one that suits your needs can be a bit challenging, especially if you wish to keep your table long-lasting and looking stunning for the years to come.

If you are still unsure which one to choose, you can consider Mahogany wood. It’s strong, durable, and has unique grains loved by many customers. See how it may be your best fit, as we’ll review it further through this article!

What is Mahogany Wood?

Mahogany wood is a part of the Meliaceae family. The trees grow in tropical climates, particularly in the Central African, West African, and Southern American forests. Aside from that, the trees are usually large, standing 600cm tall with a trunk diameter of up to 200cm.

You can identify Mahogany timber by its soft and uniform grains, along with its reddish-brown colour. The wood also tends to show little to no knots, making it appear neat and elegant, along with its bold natural hue.

Nowadays, these timbers, which come from trees with greyish-brown coloured bark, are commonly used for commercial purposes. Any kind of furniture, including high-quality and antique tables, can be built from this wood.

In addition, when Mahogany wood is measured with Janka hardness level, it shows an average result of 800 – 900 lbf. That means this wood has sufficient strength to withstand loads without easily denting or even breaking.

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The Origin of Mahogany Wood

Mahogany wood originated from the trees that spread across tropical forests of South America, Central Africa, and West Africa. Each region yields different types of Mahogany wood with distinct characteristics.

For starters, South America produces Swietenia Mahogany, popularly known as Genuine Mahogany. Mahogany wood that comes from this continent is getting scarce these days due to strict regulations that protect the species from going extinct.

Meanwhile, Central Africa yields Sapele Mahogany. Sapele Mahogany has a reddish hue like Genuine Mahogany. It is usually distinguishable by its spicy and peppery smell.

Still coming from the same continent as Sapele Mahogany, West African forests supply Khaya Mahogany. This kind of wood dominates the market of commercially used Mahogany. It bears the same characteristics as Genuine Mahogany and Sapele Mahogany; strong, durable, and stable while remaining less expensive.

Is Mahogany A Luxury Wood?

Mahogany makes a luxury wood that many people have favoured for centuries. Looking back to the 1800s, many Europeans were importing this wood from its tropical native forests and using it as a furniture material. The practice continues and spreads outside of Europe, making the demand for it as high as it has ever been.

The reason that many people cherish this timber is because of its strong, durable, and shock-resistant characteristics, followed by its unique reddish-brown hue and uniform grains. As a result, by owning Mahogany furniture, they can have an elegant item that long-lasts.

In addition, there is also a status symbol attached to Mahogany wood. It was formerly because the Europeans had to import the timber from tropical countries, as they were unable to grow it in their subtropical climate. But for now, the status symbol is displayed through the elegant reddish-brown colour, combined with the simple and uniform grains.

As a result, it has always been in high demand for anyone who fancy antique furniture sitting in the corner of their homes.

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Is Mahogany A Rare Wood?

Despite the scarcity of Genuine Mahogany from South America, Mahogany supplies remain to be stable. Woodworkers have no problems in getting the timber due to the abundance of Khaya Mahogany that is native to the West African forest.

Aside its high density in the native forest, Mahogany is also cultivated in other tropical countries. The massive cultivation helps in sustaining the supplies of this timber to meet the high demand.

Given the high commercial value of Mahogany, its abundance is beneficial for customers to get the durable, stable, and overall quality wooden table they are looking for. This has resulted in Mahogany wood furniture becoming popular in the market.

Additionally, Mahogany’s ample density makes this timber cost more affordable. Anyone, including you, can own and enjoy the elegant table made from Mahogany without worrying about breaking your bank account.

Mahogany Cultivations All Around The World

Nowadays, there are several countries outside of South America and African continents that cultivate Mahogany trees for commercial purposes. India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines are among the countries that export the most wood all over the world.

Farmers from those countries start by planting Mahogany seeds in their gardens. Experienced farmers, usually consisting of agriculture corporations, may own hundreds or thousands of hectares of land filled with trees.

Those trees may take up to 25 years to reach full maturity, making Mahogany cultivation a hefty investment. Farmers must also take proper care of their crops by ensuring an ideally moist soil condition consisting of adequate water and plant fertiliser.

Once the Mahogany trees they’re cultivating have grown to their full maturity, they will extract them for the wood. Later, they may sell the Mahogany wood for local and international shipping, depending on the demand.

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Imported Mahogany VS Local Mahogany

We have discussed imported Mahogany, either from native sources like South America and Africa or from other tropical countries like India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. Now we’ll go over local Mahogany and compare it with the imported ones.

Local Mahogany, as the name suggests, is harvested here in Singapore. As a tropical country, Singapore makes an ideal environment for trees to grow optimally. The volume of the Mahogany tree, however, is smaller than the aforementioned famous Mahogany exporters.

Aside from producing Mahogany timber in a smaller volume, there is another major difference between imported Mahogany and local Mahogany. Some local Mahogany timbers are usually not appropriately dried using a kiln-drying method.

As a result, many products made from local Mahogany wood are prone to warping or shrinking, and in the worst-case scenario, they may be vulnerable to termite attacks. These issues are the opposite of the nature of Mahogany timber, which is strong, durable, and stable.

What Is A Kiln-Drying in Mahogany Wood?

Following the extraction of the Mahogany tree, it will be cut into pieces using a sawmill machine. The fresh timber from the sawmill can’t be directly transformed into furniture items as it requires a kiln-drying that removes the water content from the greenwood. 

Woodworkers perform kiln-drying by placing the green wood inside a kiln machine. The kiln machine has several fan baffles and drain lines that aid in the dehumidification process by drawing moisture from the wood, separating the moisture, and draining the water.

Additionally, a kiln machine usually runs at an average temperature of 38o C to 49o C. In some cases, the device may also be set to 65o C to kill tiny insects inside of the wood, aside from drawing out the moisture. 

Timbers will remain inside the kiln machine for a period of time. The amount of time it takes to place will vary depending on the type and thickness of the wood. Some wood dries quickly, while others take longer. 

For Mahogany wood, it takes around 8 weeks to dry properly. Once it has been out of the kiln machine and got its moisture drawn out of it, it can finally be transformed into solid furniture items that are resistant to shrinking, warping, and insect attacks.

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What is Coating in Mahogany Wood Furniture?

After Mahogany timber has gone through the kiln-drying process, the next step that it needs to go through is coating application. The coating is a part of wood surface finishing before the furniture is ready to ship to customers.

In addition, coating application will protect the wood against water absorption. Water absorption is harmful to wooden furniture, as it can cause furniture to break easily due to decay, warping, and shrinking.

Hence, we will ensure a proper coating application after we have finished building your desired Mahogany wood furniture. Here are the steps that we take during the coating process:

Wood sanding

Sanding is the first thing that we do to smooth out the wood surface, as it usually still has coarse texture that hinder the coating application. Using a wood sanding machine, we will go over the whole surface until it is entirely free of crude grains.

Nano coating application

Nanocoating application is the final step, where we will apply a water-based protective layer using our in-house technique. The coating will safeguard your wooden furniture against water and oil absorption, which can damage the material due to decay and warping.

Compared to the traditional coating method, nano coatings is a more advanced technique and food safe. It protects your wooden furniture while preserving the natural wood surface. In turn, you can enjoy the original Mahogany texture on every inch of your furniture item.

Having wooden furniture that has been nano coated makes it easier for you to care for it. The breathable properties make your furniture stain resistant and easy to clean. The properties will also shield your furniture from chemical and UV rays, preserving it from quickly fading.

Most importantly, our nano coatings has non-toxic properties, as we care about your health. Rest assured that your wooden furniture will have an extended life without compromising your and your family’s health.

What Makes Mahogany An Excellent Wood?

Mahogany trees have several uses, famous for centuries in making various goods, including furniture items. Many people also demanded this wood until it became scarce in its natural forests, particularly in South America, and shipping became strictly controlled there.

But what exactly makes this wood so well-known and sought-after? We’ll go over some of the exceptional characteristics of Mahogany wood below:

Durable and long-lasting

Mahogany is an exceptionally durable material that ages well. It is resistant to termites, humidity, and weather changes, making it suitable for use in various environments without you having to worry about rotting.

In addition, Mahogany has long been known to be insusceptible to splitting or warping. Eventually, using this wood allows you to keep your tables for years on end (100+ years) due to its sturdiness.

Beautiful grain

Mahogany is a type of timber with straight and uniform grains wrapped in a pink or reddish-brown hue. Its pattern also has fewer knots and is free of gaps that can make it prone to shrinking or warping.

As a result, those seeking a simple patterned wood will prefer Mahogany. When built with this beautiful grain wood, any furniture item will look perfect.

Elegant and Timeless Colour

Another reason that makes Mahogany a popular and sought-after wood is because of its elegant and timeless colour. Consisting of a reddish-brown hue, this wood makes eye-catching furniture items that sit gracefully in the corner of your home.


Choosing a wood type for your furniture by considering its water resistance is essential. That’s because prolonged water absorption can cause rotting and moulding in wooden furniture.

Mahogany is a type of wood that you can use because of its water resistance. It’s solid wood with a high density that protects against water absorption. The straight and uniform pattern also makes it have little to no grooves or gaps for water to enter.

Shrinking and warping proof

Due to its resistance to temperature changes, Mahogany is less likely to shrink or warp. Hence, unlike some other woods, Mahogany will hold its shape regardless of weather fluctuations.

However, you should avoid getting local or non-kiln-dried Mahogany wood. Non-kiln-dried Mahogany wood furniture is prone to warping and shrinking, which you may come to regret later.

Choosing only kiln-dried Mahogany will allow you to have sturdy furniture that withstands constant temperature fluctuations. No matter how frequently your wooden goods are exposed to rain or sun, you won’t have to worry about them cracking.


The most common reason for decaying is moisture contained in the wood. Owning kiln-dried Mahogany wood furniture will save you from this problem and allow you to keep your items for a long time.

Aside from the decay resistance, kiln-dried Mahogany is also resilient to termite attacks. Dryness in it leaves no room for insects and termites to perch, which can cause your furniture to deteriorate over time.

Hold paint and polishes nicely

Mahogany is a solid wood that is easy to work with despite its hardness. It’s usually convenient for craftsmen to transform timber into furniture, including painting and polishing it.

Although Mahogany is elegant in its natural colour, some people may find the pink or reddish-brown hue tables unsuitable for their interior home designs. Fortunately, this timber holds the paint and polishes well, allowing anyone to have wooden items that match their desired aesthetic.

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Different Types of Mahogany Wood

Woodworkers market their Mahogany furniture using the terms’ Khaya Mahogany’, ‘Genuine Mahogany,’ ‘Sapele Mahogany,’ or ‘Santos Mahogany.’ These wordings may leave you feeling confused as to which one is the best.

As previously mentioned, Mahogany belongs to the Meliaceae family. Trees that are part of the family and meet the required characteristics and qualities, such as size, hardness, number of growth, etc., can be used for Mahogany timber.

Khaya Mahogany, Genuine Mahogany, and Sapele Mahogany are all examples that belong to the category. That makes Santos Mahogany a substitute wood excluded from the family but shares the same characteristics, making it popular in the market as Mahogany timber as well.

We’ll go over the qualities of each Mahogany type to help you understand the differences below.

Khaya Mahogany

Khaya Mahogany wood is native to the West African tropical forest. It’s a part of the Meliaceae family with the botanical name Khaya anthotheca.

You can identify it by the pale pink to reddish brown coloured heartwood. It also has more varying patterns, consisting of straight and interlocked grains.

People adore Khaya Mahogany as their furniture material due to its durability and aesthetic value. Going for Khaya Mahogany will get you a study item with a sleek look that complements your room.

Most importantly, it is less expensive and provides equal, even higher quality than other Mahogany types.

Genuine Mahogany

Genuine Mahogany is also known as Honduras Mahogany or Big Leaf Mahogany in the market. It belongs to the Meliaceae family and bears the botanical name Swietenia macrophylla, Swietenia humilis, and Swietenia mahogani.

Native to South America, it is the pioneer of Mahogany timber, recognisable by its reddish-brown hue and straight grains. Sadly, the price of Genuine Mahogany has continuously skyrocketed, forcing it to be replaced by other types of Mahogany that are more affordable and yield the same quality.

Sapele Mahogany

Sapele Mahogany is another member of the Meliaceae family that originates from the Central African tropical forest. It’s also known by its botanical name: Entandrophragma cylindricum.

Unlike other types of Mahogany, this maroon-coloured timber has a unique spicy and peppery smell. You may also notice its straight and uniform grains, similar to Genuine Mahogany.

Santos Mahogany

Santos Mahogany, or Myroxylon balsamum, is outside of the Meliaceae family but is often marketed as Mahogany wood. The main reason is that it shares similar characteristics to the previously mentioned woods.

The most recognisable contrast is that Santos Mahogany is heavier and harder than Khaya, Genuine, and Sapele Mahogany.

So, Which One is Most Ideal to Choose?

Nowadays, Mahogany wood furniture mostly uses Khaya timber, which originates from the West African forest. This timber bears top-notch characteristics of being sturdy, strong, and stable, resulting in long-lasting furniture for anyone to have.

Additionally, Khaya is the type of Mahogany that grows in abundance. This allows you to readily get it and cherish the tropical nature embodied in your furniture without worrying about the high price you have to pay.

In turn, Khaya Mahogany is the ideal option you can choose. At Wood Capitol, we provide quality Khaya timber, creatively and professionally handled for you to pick as your elegant furniture material.

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Tables That Can Be Assembled From Mahogany Wood

Knowing that Mahogany is a strong, durable, and stable wood, you may wonder what kind of tabletops can be assembled from it. Let’s examine the following choices you can have from this natural and elegant-looking timber:

Live Edge Tables

Live edge tables are made of wood slabs with natural edges. Rather than having the wood cut into sharp and clean edges, this type of table keeps the edges of the tree, giving a more organic feel to the wooden tables.

In addition, using Mahogany as the material for this table design allows you to have your furniture for many years. You won’t have to worry about it becoming outdated or damaged because it will be a timeless and sturdy table that you can pass down through generations.

Dining Tables

Dining tables are mostly used for families to eat together. Having a dining table that is sturdy will allow you to place any kind of utensils, from pots, saucepans, plates, and many others. Aside from sturdiness, you may prefer a dining table that is visually appealing so that you can savour your meal with your family even more.

In this case, Mahogany wood can be an option for you to choose. It is a hardwood that can withstand years of usage and it has stunning colour, allowing you to have an elegant dining table that you can treasure for many years to come.

Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops are areas that are often splashed with liquids, ranging from water, oil, and spices, among other things. For this reason, you will need to ensure that your countertop is made of solid and water-resistant material, protecting against premature rot.

Mahogany wood is one of the materials available to you. It is a solid that is resistant to water absorption, wreckage, and decay. When you choose this option, you can have durable countertops for your every day kitchen needs.

Conference Desks

Conference tables are frequently used in professional settings. It’s essential to consider a sturdy and durable material to make such a table, and Mahogany wood is among the best options available.

The wood is not only strong, but it also has appealing grain and hue. It’s no secret that texture enhances both the aesthetics and the elegance of a room.

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables have low and long appearances. It is usually placed in the living room, in front of a sofa and other arrangements of armed chair. People use coffee tables to make their rooms look tidy and pretty.

Mahogany wood is an excellent material for coffee tables. It is a study wood with appealing grains and colours, enhancing the look of your living spaces with a natural wooden feel.

Most importantly, Mahogany coffee tables are durable against any kind of wreckage, from moulding, shrinking, warping, and many more. This allows you to have your unique and attractive coffee table for a long time.

Side Tables

Side tables are typically set next to armed chairs or beds and used as a place to put everyday things. Side tables may also be used to place home decorations or a living plant.

A side table that is not only visually appealing but also sturdy and durable will benefit you. For that reason, you may choose Mahogany wood for its material that will give you the perks of an elegant appearance, followed by the strength that withstands daily use.

Computer desks

Computer desks withstand heavy loads daily, ranging from computers, keyboards, CPUs, and many more. Make sure your computer desk is made of strong materials to ensure the durability of your table, which relates to the safety of your personal items.

For computer desks, Mahogany is a popular material. It is durable and has reliable resistance to temperature change and termite attacks, ensuring that your table will last for many years.


How To Take A Proper Care Of Your Mahogany Table?

It is essential that you take proper care of your Mahogany table after purchasing it. Taking care of your newly bought wooden table will keep it staying elegant, strong, and durable for many years to come.

Let’s take a look at the following steps so you can maintain your Mahogany table’s pristine condition:

  • Cleaning

Cleaning your Mahogany wood table is fairly easy. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth to remove dust and grime from it. Refrain from thinking about using a maintenance oil as Wood Capitol’s furniture is protected with a nano-coating. 

  • Coasters and placemats

Placing coasters and place mats at all times is an unnecessary way to protect your Mahogany wooden table. Moisture and dye may become trapped beneath them and be transferred to your furniture, causing it to deteriorate over time.

The nano-coating is enough to protect your wooden table, allowing you to enjoy the beauty and elegance of the Mahogany wood. Therefore, we only advise you to use a coaster and placemats when you want to put hot items on your table and remove them afterwards.

  • Hot and cold items

With nano-coating protection and kiln-dried Mahogany wood, you can safely place hot plates of freshly cooked meals on your dining table. However, you should avoid directly placing a boiling kettle or pan on it as this may result in burnt marks.

  • Scratches

It’s normal for Mahogany wood tables to develop hairline scratches from daily use. You can avoid making the scratches more prominent and noticeable by refraining from dragging items harshly on them.

  • Removing stains

Accidental beverage and food spills are a normal occurrence, and you should immediately wipe them up before the stains stick to your table. However, chemical stains may be more difficult to remove, and we recommend that you leave them to the wood professionals. Attempting to remove chemical stains on your own may cause damage to your wood.

  • Sunlight and weather exposure

An ideal way to preserve your wooden table is by keeping it away from direct sunlight and raindrops. You may want to place it in a dry room, free from prolonged UV rays and water splash.

Let a professional take care of it

While you have taken proper care of your Mahogany wood table, it is normal for the nano-coating to wear down, especially after years of use. Some issues may also arise after a long time of use, including stained and discoloured surfaces.

In this case, you may want to visit a wood professional to refine your table and make it look brand new again.

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The Importance of Having an Environmentally Friendly Wooden Furniture

Owning luxurious wooden furniture does not mean that it causes harm to mother earth. Hence, you may want to go for Khaya Mahogany, which grows in abundance and is in no danger of extinction.

Aside from that, Khaya Mahogany is commercially cultivated across tropical regions, including India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. This has secured the availability of matured timber even more, allowing anyone, including you, to have lavish Mahogany wood furniture sitting in the corner of your home while caring for the environment.


Is Mahogany a good wood?

Mahogany is a good wood to transform into high-quality tables. It’s strong and durable, allowing you to use it on a daily basis without easily denting or breaking from the weight that you place on it.

Aside from that, Mahogany is also a good wood with attractive colour and texture. The timber consists of a reddish-brown hue, while the grain is straight. As a result, you can own an elegant and neat-looking table that fits perfectly into your home.

What is special about Mahogany wood?

Mahogany makes a special wood due to its durability and stability. The timber is heavy and solid, withstanding force and pressure with ease. It is also stable, not easily warping due to weather changes.

Furthermore, the natural colour of this wood adds to its uniqueness. Mahogany wood appears reddish-brown, which makes it considered elegant and antique and desirable by many people.

How to identify Mahogany wood?

There are several methods you can do to identify Mahogany wood. The first thing to take a look at is the colour; Mahogany has reddish-brown heartwood and sapwood colour combination. 

The next step is to examine the texture. If the reddish-brown wood has straight and uniform grains, then it’s likely to be Mahogany. You may also notice that Mahogany has few to no knots.

Is Mahogany an expensive wood?

Khaya Mahogany is not expensive because it grows abundantly in both its natural habitat in West African forests and in tropical cultivation areas, such as India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. 

As a result, there is a balanced supply to meet the high demand for this timber. Anyone, including you, can own Mahogany wood furniture at an affordable price and without worrying about breaking the bank account.

Is Mahogany wood water-resistant?

Mahogany wood is a water-resistant material as it has no grooves or pockets that can make it prone to water absorption. However, proper kiln-drying and coating application are required for the wood to be water resistant.

Kiln-drying allows Mahogany wood to be completely free of moisture such as sap and water. As a result, the timber will be stable and will not warp or shrink easily due to temperature fluctuations.

How long does Mahogany furniture last?

Mahogany furniture is solid and durable, allowing it to last for as long as 100+ years when properly cared for. This makes furniture items made of this wood to be inherited down to generations.

Aside from being solid and durable, Mahogany furniture also has a timeless colour. Anyone, regardless of the trend, will regard it as an elegant, antique, and treasured item.

What colour is natural Mahogany wood?

Natural Mahogany wood commonly appears in a vibrant reddish-brown colour. It may also have a lighter, pinkish hue in some cases. Its unique and natural colour is not found in other types of wood.

However, Mahogany may appear pale the first time it is harvested. The vibrant colour takes some time to emerge.

Does Mahogany darken over time?

Yes, Mahogany gets darker over time compared to the first time it’s harvested. So, while Mahogany may appear pale at first, it gradually becomes more vibrant and reveals its reddish-brown hue.

UV rays play an important role in this process. Continuous sun exposure during the first two weeks after the timber is extracted plays a significant role in how it exposes its elegant, reddish-brown colour.

Final Thoughts

Landing your choice on Mahogany wood for your next table is a wise move. You’ll have your durable and appealing table made of solid wood that enhances your living space.

Now that you have made your decision look no further than Wood Capitol for your Mahogany tables. We are a solid wood specialist in Singapore, consisting of experts with 30+ years of experience in the wood industry.

We also pledge to be environmentally responsible by exclusively using legal and mature solid Mahogany wood. It’s proven by the Legal Wood Certification that we obtained to demonstrate our commitment to the preservation of tropical natural forests.

Rest assured that the wooden tables and other furniture items you’re about to purchase are in good hands. Contact us today, and we will gladly answer your questions and work on your needs.