Wood Meets Metal

Metal Shelving

A Relationship that Was Meant to Be

Wood Capitol, Singapore’s original and largest live edge solid wood slab specialist, has expanded its business by venturing into the manufacture of customised metal furniture and fixtures. The strategic move complements its core business of manufacturing and retailing solid wooden furniture. In many ways, it was a natural progression.

The main product line of Wood Capitol is its stunning live edge solid wood slab tables. The imported and meticulously treated slabs originate from an array of timber species, from popular suar wood to affordable pine and American black walnut and teak wood. However, a table is more than a beautiful tabletop, albeit crafted by nature and polished to perfection by artisans. The point is, a table needs legs. And it is ultimately only as strong as the legs that support it. It was an inevitable ‘next step’ for Wood Capitol to start making top-quality metal table legs, to support its magnificent live edge solid wood slabs.

Metal Leg Furniture

How it All Began

Wood Capitol was founded when we identified an international trend that was destined to reach Singapore, sooner or later. In Europe, North America and Australia, consumers were turning their backs on flat-packed furniture, filled with particle board and chemical-laden adhesives. They were going back to basics – the incomparable natural beauty and unmatched durability of solid wood.

Currently, the majority of the company’s orders comes from the commercial and retail sectors. Its metal shelving, racking storage solutions, showroom fixtures and metal counter tops can be seen in retail outlets, offices and Airport, Raffles Hotel, and the offices of Estee Lauder and Facebook, to name just a few of its famous customers.

Metal Leg Custom Made

Mining the Myriad Possibilities of Metal

Thanks to a heavy investment in top-of-the-line precision lathes, soldering and laser-cutting equipment, Wood Capitol Metal Works is able to custom-made virtually anything in metal. All shapes and sizes, and even intricately detailed work such as laser-cut letters for metal signage, are possible. While the majority of the company’s current output is for indoor use, Wood Capitol Metal Works offers hi-tech powder coating that can prevent rust and corrosion. It can also change the colour of any metal from silver to black and beyond.

Round Table Leg

Singapore-made Quality and Workmanship

Customers are choosing Wood Capitol Metal Works for many reasons. For customers of the parent company Wood Capitol, it is a matter of convenience. Business owners and homeowners who buy solid wood slabs for tables or benches invariably need legs, and the metal workshop adjoins the Wood Capitol showroom. It serves as a one-stop-shop for one-of-a-kind furniture pieces.

In addition, a growing number of customers have been attracted by positive word-of-mouth attesting to the company’s superior craftsmanship, quality materials and reliable service. The fact that the works are fabricated in Singapore, at the company’s own Mandai Estate workshop, enables fast turnaround. It also provides a confidence-inspiring assurance of after-sales service, which is obviously not the case when work is undertaken across the border or in cheaper mass manufacturing hubs.

Metal Wood Wine Rack

Wood or Metal, or Both

Whether you are seeking to add the beauty of a solid wood table or door to your home, or are seeking to fit out your showroom, office or kitchen, visit Wood Capitol and Wood Capitol Metal Works. All your needs can be accommodated, at surprisingly affordable prices, right here in Singapore.