Suar Wood vs. Teak Wood

Suar Wood Slabs in Singapore factory

One of the most popular among all the premium wood, teak wood is known globally for its rich golden colour and its resistance to rotting. However, not many people these days can afford teak wood furniture which is one important factor behind the rising popularity of the suar wood. In this article we are going to give you a basic idea about these two wood varieties so that you can make an informed decision before investing in your furniture.

Teak Wood

Teak Wood Slab
Teak Wood Slab

Teak wood furniture which comes with an exquisite look and feel is known to stand for generations. The popularity of this variety of wood as the material for cupboards, tables or even doors and windows is nothing new. Teak wood is also known for its use in shipbuilding, decking, and flooring. This tropical hardwood is known for its rich wood fibre and unique golden tingle. One of the major reasons behind the immense popularity of teak wood is because of their ability to endure all weather conditions without the need of any oil or varnish. Teak wood furniture would retain it’s classy look even if it is left in the outdoors for years. This is one of the few varieties of wood which is known to beautify with age.

However, in spite of the popularity of teak for centuries, there are a few factors which might deter you from buying teak wood furniture. Not all teak wood comes from legal plantations which is why many environmentalists believe that the use of teak contributes to deforestation. Apart from that teak wood furniture are so expensive that only the richest can afford them.

Suar Wood

Suar Wood Slab
Suar Wood Slab

Suar wood which was originally grown in the Latin American countries is now being widely cultivated in Hawaii and Southeast Asia. This variety of wood is extremely popular in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries. Known for its durability and affordability suar wood is often used to create tables, benches, chests, mirror frames etc. The cultivation of suar is relatively easy which is why it is in great demand locally as well as globally. This hardwood grows much quicker than any other varieties of hardwood and growing it in a new environment never poses a problem. Also known as Monkey Pod or Rain Tree, Suar wood gives you highly durable home furniture. Another advantage of this wood is that it is very easy to sculpt or carve. Sculptors are known to prefer the Suar wood because of its coarse texture and uniquely coloured layers.

Suar Wood Singapore – What you should REALLY know

The suar wood furniture comes with a totally natural finish and they come at a price which is much cheaper than teak wood. The kiln-dried suar wood are extremely sturdy and if even used as a substitute for Mahogany. The comparatively cheaper price of Suar is one major reason for its tremendous popularity. Like any other hardwood furniture, Suar wood furniture would last you a long time if you take proper care of it. If you are willing to buy durable furniture with an elegant finish without creating a hole in your wallet then suar wood is your best option. Check out our process of curation of these amazing wood slabs.

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