South American Walnut Vs Suar Wood – Which should you choose?

South American Walnut Vs Suar Wood

There are different types of hardwood in this world, the two we are going to talk about today is South American Walnut and Suar Wood.

Suar Wood Singapore – What you should REALLY know

Many of our customers come to us enquiring about South American Walnut & Suar Wood asking what’s the difference. The differences? It’s just the origin of the Tree. South American Walnut comes from South America continent while Suar Wood comes from South East Asia. Wood Capitol carries both South America & South East Asia timber depending on the soil area density, timber quality and grains on each harvesting.

Wood Capitol invest in our suppliers to make sure they use good kiln dry facility to reduce its moisture content in timber and to reduce warping and molding. Wood Capitol also uses vacuum pressure treatment to ensure all our solid wood slabs are free of insect. To make sure our wood slabs are kiln-dry properly, our wood slabs thickness are between 5cm to 7cm regardless of South American Walnut or South East Asia Suar Wood to ensure maximum drying efficiency.

South American Walnut (Left) & South East Asia Suar Wood (Right)

South American Walnut (Left) & South East Asia Suar Wood (Right)

What is South American Walnut?

The South American Walnut is grown only in season. So it needs to be sourced carefully and more often than not it’s expensive and dependent on its conservation status. The South American walnut also called the Raintree, scientifically known as the juglans is a type of hardwood that has a darkish brown hue and generally has straight grains.

What is South East Asia Suar Wood?

Suar Wood scientifically known as Albizia Saman. It originated in South East Asia tropical climates where it thrives and is cultivated throughout the year without affecting its conservation status. Suar Wood grains are special because of it’s texture which makes it great for carving that helps in making designer wood tables. The wood also retains moisture and it doesn’t dry out which helps in maintaining it’s lustre.

How Our Wood is Dried?

Wood Capitol Kiln Dry

We use steam heated wood kiln room method which takes us around 45 to 60 days to dry the timber. During this period, the amount of material lost during drying process will increase such as cracks and warp due to high temperature and lower moisture content in the timber. As such, Wood Capitol will reject all crack wood and our customers often find our wood slabs in higher quality as compared to other retailers.

Our wood slabs imported to Singapore have not applied any lacquer or varnishing as curation method will be done in Singapore to allow moisture escape and stabilize with Singapore weather.

PS: We went through a series of checklist to make sure Suar Wood slabs brought in by our team are

  • Dried well
  • Treated well
  • No cracks

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Speak to us if your would like to pay a visit to our showroom to see the wonderful grains of Suar Wood curated by Wood Capitol.

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