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Solid Wood Table SG
Solid Wood Dining Table SG
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When choosing a new dining table, coffee table or any kind of table for your home, one should prioritise the timeless appeal of solid wood. Getting an authentic solid wood table in Singapore not only adds elegance to your home or office but also ensures quality and stability over the years.

At Wood Capitol, several types of solid wood can be the best option to craft your dream table. Depending on your taste, you can find an expertly crafted suar wood table, black walnut table, lychee wood table, tamarind wood table, mahogany table, ash wood table and purple heart table.

Each type of solid wood has unique characteristics that match every homeowner’s needs. You can choose black walnut or tamarind wood if you need a dining table or study table. And if you need a countertop, you can go with Suar Wood.

Visit us and consult our experts for solid wood selection and wooden table maintenance & restoration and repair!