Solid Wood Furniture Care Tips

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To create a home, one needs a house, a loving family and of course furniture, solid wood furniture. It isn’t arguable that apart from humans, furniture takes care of all other things in the home. Whether in the kitchen, living room, dining or bedroom, solid wood furniture has the ability to actually make the difference between basically feeling stuck and truly appreciating the time you spend in these areas of your home. Without a doubt, this kind of furniture naturally last a very long time. However, their fabulous looks and longevity can only be maintained if you look after them properly.

Usually, there are only fewer areas of the home which are more exposed to fingerprints, grease, dust, food smudges and even bacteria than your furniture. Once these elements find their way onto the surface of your furniture, they make it look dull and dingy. The longer these remain on the furniture, the more challenging it becomes to clean them off. So, to preserve the luster of your furniture, you would need to clean them regularly. That definitely sounded like a Herculean task, right? Well, it shouldn’t! We would tell you how to go about this task and even have fun while at it.

Walnut Cabinet
Walnut Cabinet

Before we jump into the steps to take during routine maintenance of your solid wood furniture, do note that the positioning of your furniture has a say in their appearance and durability. Ensure that your wood furniture are kept safe from harm. Avoid placing them too close to any source of heat like the fireplace or directly in the direction of the sun. Excess heat dries the wood and significantly reduces its lifespan. In addition, use coasters and mats on your furniture surface to prevent it from getting heated up or scratched as a result of day to day use.

Accumulation of dust takes the dazzle off your solid wood furniture so ensure you dust them frequently. Only use a good quality duster that is made of microfiber to dust the furniture. It is also necessary to the furniture using water and a mild soap solution to get rid of dried food or any other form of stain that sticks to the furniture. Be sure to use a soft damp cloth to clean and then dry the excess moisture using a non-abrasive cloth. This is very important because when water is allowed to stand on the surface of furniture, it can seep into the finish and permanently raise the grains of the wood. When cleaning solid wood storage units such as kitchen cabinets the first thing to do is to remove all the items contained in them. These should also be cleaned properly before putting them back in, so they don’t mar all the effort you’ve into keeping your furniture clean.

Avoid cleaning products containing ammonia, silicone, bleach or wax. These substances do your wood furniture more harm than good. They gradually damage the finish of the wood over time. Deposits of wax on furniture surface make it more likely to attract and accumulate dust and dirt which can lead to a permanent discoloration of the furniture. Other things that shouldn’t go close to your furniture are brushes, tough sponges and coarse clothing. All of these will leave nasty scratches and possibly ruin the finish of your furniture. Also remember never to hang damp clothing used to clean the furniture on the furniture once done. As a rule of thumb, do all cleaning of the wood furniture in the direction of the grain to keep it smooth as new.

Suar Wood TV Console
Suar Wood TV Console

Domestic spills such as food should be wiped off your solid wood furniture as soon as you notice them. Certain foods like mustard, tea, coffee, orange juice, to mention a few are highly acidic and can damage the finish of the wood. Wood furniture often incorporates knobs, pulls and other elements that can be functional, decorative or serve both purposes. Also ensure you properly take care of these to keep your furniture dazzling. For hardware like knobs and pulls, you can easily clean them using a solution of mild soap and lukewarm water and then thoroughly dry them with a clean piece of cloth. Wood is a natural material and a natural humidity is ideal for its preservation so make sure your home is well ventilated to allow your hardwood furniture breathe properly.

Any well-placed brilliantly crafted piece of hardwood like suar wood will make a huge difference in your home. To maintain that aura which exhibits traditional royalty, you need to give your solid wood furniture pieces the tender loving care they need and you’ve just discovered all you need to get this done efficiently.

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