What is the REAL difference between natural wood, veneer wood and or laminate wood?

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It is known to everyone that wood is a fibrous material which is extracted from the trunks of the trees and used in many ways. The core of these productions can be same, but each, and every type of wood differ from each other. They may belong from different families of trees, but each trunk produces a different kind of timber texture used for various works. It has its distinct feeling and gives off a classy look.

Veneer, laminates, and real wood are excellent materials, and how and where they are needed is also a different case. But after reading the words mentioned below, you can easily differentiate between them.

  • Veneer wood

wood veneer

Veneer wood is usually a wood sheet thinner than 3mm or 1/8 of an inch, that type which is attached or glued with the core panels. These boards are used to make flat construction elements like doors, parquet floors, parts of furniture and tops and panels for cabinets. Usually, plywood has three or more layer of this kind of wood.

To be correct veneer is a thin layer of shaved wood that is regularly arranged on plywood. Veneers are not usually used in workplaces as it is very prone to scratches. As the sheet is fragile and accurate, it correctly wraps or covers the surface and the visible joint lines as well.

  • Lamination wood

laminate plywood

In lamination wood, there are usually obvious joint lines when laminates are connected, because they are produced by using a thin layer of embellishing paper and fusing it with thick core panels. The minimum amount of wood is used and sometimes no wood at all.

Once in a while, the covered edges are given a little edge trimming, which is a PVC grain reproduction that is similar with the overlay texture. These laminated wood sheets are time used around curved angles as they are somewhat hard sheets measuring 8 X 4 feet. These laminated sheets come in all sorts of design which looks like wood and gives off a classy feel.

  • Natural wood

Mahogany Slab


Real wood is what we all know is solid wood. Furniture which is made using real wood can be recoloured, sanded, varnished, painted and treated. Few of these real woods are delicate and demonstrate wear, for example, worn corners and edges, after numerous times of utilization. Others are called hardwoods and have a stronger life expectancy. The look of solid wood pieces is true and classy and thus can be used as bookshelves, cupboards and many other items. Example of live edge natural wood is Suar Wood which Wood Capitol loves to present to home owners here in Singapore.

So how do we choose?

The different types of the wood work best when you know what you need from them. The first veneer is just a wood sheet attached to a cheaper core and thus, is a cheaper option for decoration purposes. Laminate wood is even cheaper than this as it is just a simple thin wood or synthetic layer which gives off the desired texture. The final solid wood one is pure grained wood which can adjust fine with dense usage areas. So knowing what you want from each of them will lead you to a proper selection. Remember that they all may come from trees, but each one of them holds different significance and use.

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