Wood Capitol is a company of expert woodworkers in Singapore specialising in the building, design and creation of custom wood tables, furniture, and even transforming entire spaces with uniquely curated solid wood and reclaimed wood. We own and run the factory that has been supplying solid wood furniture for several furniture retail stores and interior design firms. 

We are also direct to consumer so we make savings throughout the entire production process which we then pass on to you. Our objective is to make what you want and need at a fair price.

Our passion exudes in everything we do as we seek to create designs that are both functional and unique. Our take on LIVE EDGE wood furniture is different from other wood makers out there as we seek to curate expensive slabs of wood at affordable prices. Because there is no middle man and we do it all ourselves from beginning to end, you can enjoy lower prices with us on higher quality one-of-a-kind wood furniture creations.

We take great pride in handcrafting right down to the very last detail, ensuring that the piece is as functional as it is beautiful. Every piece we design is as diverse and special as each of our clients and we love having the chance to build something different every time. Whether you’re looking for a custom coffee table for your living room, a grand dining table for your dining room, or you want to breathe new life into your home spaces by incorporating wood details, Wood Capitol is your company of craftsmen and artisan ready to serve you.