Our Background

Wood Capitol (f.k.a Suar Wood Specialist) was born in 2015 from founders Anthony Xu’s and Benjamin Ng’s mutual passion for its beautiful Live Edge wood to create functional furniture masterpieces and seek to curate expensive slabs of wood at affordable prices. Our fascination with woodwork drove us to learn the craft on our own despite ourselves lack of experience in the field of carpentry giving us an unconventional opinion about furniture design which has proven popular.

Anthony’s BSc (Hons) in Entrepreneurship and Management from the University of Wales (UK) is put to purpose through the overseeing of Wood Capitol’s daily operations in Singapore while Benjamin is responsible for maintaining the relationship with the supplier and sourcing high-quality Solid Wood from South America & South East Asia. Our distinct roles have helped in the running of Wood Capitol to where it stands today.

As concerned global citizens, we care about the environment and the future of the planet. This was reflected in our interest in Suar Wood because of its abundance, widespread and is in no danger of extinction. A Suar Wood table can last for decades before being eventually repurposed to kitchen countertops or to any idea you can imagine. For over 3 years, we focused exclusively on Suar Wood before including other types of Solid Wood in 2017. As the different variety of our offerings grew, we rebranded to Wood Capitol to align the corporate brand name with business strategy as well as to avoid brand confusion. Our belief in the importance of sustainability remains a core principle of our beliefs.

Our woodworking process utilises the latest technology like CNC Machines that help to shape, planed, cut and engrave. These machines are much more accurate and precise than traditional tools, reducing the reliance on carpenters and passing on the savings to the customer, setting our offerings at very attractive prices.

The beauty of Solid Wood is that it ages like fine wine; the older it is, the more valuable it becomes. The texture and the color become richer and the stability of the wood becomes stronger. These qualities are what we hope for the future of Wood Capitol, that it too becomes stronger and flourishes over the years.


Why Choose Us?

  • Regular wood slabs have two metal rods inserted into the wood to maintain stability to prevent cracks. Our furniture does not have these metals rods as we are confident that our Suar Wood that we supply has a higher density than regular woods.
  • Wood that does not undergo kiln drying tend to warp and bend in air-conditioned environments after a year. As such, our solid wood slabs are kiln dried at our facilities in China and Indonesia which we control, with a thickness of between 5cm to 8cm for optimal kiln drying at no more than 18% moisture content.
  • We import water based coatings from Italy which makes our furniture stain and water resistant.
  • We vacuum pressure all our wood to prevent warping, moisture and against termite with 30 years guarantee.
  • In support of WWF initiatives of achieving fair wages in South America and Indonesia, we only use sustainable and legal wood for all our solid wood slabs. As part of our sustainability initiatives, for every tree cleared for redevelopment, we replant 20 trees in the area.
  • We have over 300 slabs of wood to choose from in Singapore showroom, making us the premiere affordable premium solid wood slab provider. No shipping or waiting time, get it delivered in 3 days after you select it in person. We welcome wholesale & bulk orders too.
  • We are direct to the consumer so we make savings throughout the entire production process which we then pass on to you. Our objective is to make what you want and need without the exploitative price point.

Wood Capitol has 3 accreditation to establish our quality.

Legal WoodLegal Wood 

This certification concerns the sourcing of only legal mature solid wood. The process and the application to get this certification is tedious and very expensive. Due to this certification, tropical natural forests are protected, further proof that Wood Capitol cares about our environment and our forests.

BCA Registered Contractor CR01BCA Registered Contractor

For commercial furniture to interior fittings and fixtures according to interior design theme. Wood Capitol woodworks are pre-finished to ensure the quality of craftsmanship installation for a seamless fit on site.

bizsafe wood capitolBizSafe Level 3 

As part of the Workplace Safety and Health Act. We are awarded BizSafe Level 3 certification. This means our premises have been audited by an external agency appointed by the Ministry of Manpower for safety and certified a perfectly safe work environment. We can guarantee that your furniture is crafted in safe conditions and health.