Our Curation 

From the earliest stage of design, Wood Capitol is happy to work with you. We’ll be there every step of the way through fabrication and delivery too. Please do remember though that every single piece is completely unique and completely customisable to the tiniest detail. Factors like age, colour, grain and source of materials plays a role in the appearance of every piece.

Our quality craftsmanship starts from selecting the woods we use and goes all the way down the line to preparing and finishing them off. Through the entire process, we are proud to be sustainable, responsible and healthful in regards to all of our creations. Each piece has undergone a strict quality check, hand-picked by our expert team which makes our curation process the pinnacle of perfection in the industry. We want you to know that every day, we want to bring you the most beautiful hand-crafted live-edge solid wood furniture ever built at prices that are comfortable to you.

We can work with you from the earliest stages of design, through fabrication and delivery. Due to the age, colour, grain, and source of my materials, each piece is unique and one of a kind, and is therefore customisable to the smallest detail. We pride ourselves in offering sustainable, responsible, and healthful solutions for your design needs. Every piece are handpicked, milled, processed by us. Thus our curation is the best in our industry. Grading is necessary for us to differentiate what is best for our clients. End day we want you to pay comfortably while getting the most beautiful handcrafted live edge solid wood furniture.