Maker Policies

Our policies on Refunds, Return & Cancellations:

Due to our extensive efforts during the design phase utilizing all avenues of communication possible, the client assumes a paralleled level of risk just as we incur through each project. Under no circumstances are refunds acknowledged.

Custom made and custom designed projects are not returnable under any circumstances.

Cancellations are considered under the following criteria;
-The listed project has not started in any way. i.e. design through correspondence, production, labor time, material purchase.
-Material and/or labor time value does not exceed the deposit paid.

In the event that cancellation is accepted, materials and labor time reimbursement are first considered. Should the customer want the partially completed project shipped they must pay for shipping, packaging and handling in addition to the deposit paid. This will most likely be priced on a Time and Material basis.

Labor time is considered by the following specifications:
-Any and all correspondence. i.e. messages through Custommade, emails, texts, phone calls, in-person meetings, etc.
-Undocumented time such as pricing the project, conceptually designing a project and researching needs specific to the listed project.
-All design work
-Material handling, ordering, pick-up etc
-Production for the project of any kind