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Solid Wood Furniture Care Tips

Solid Wood Bookshelf

To create a home, one needs a house, a loving family and of course furniture, solid wood furniture. It isn’t arguable that apart from humans, furniture takes care of all other things in the home. Whether in the kitchen, living room, dining or bedroom, solid wood furniture has the ability to actually make the difference […]

Wood Finishes

Wood Finishes

Wood finishes are made from basic materials and anyone with a keen interest can easily adapt to the techniques involved in their application. Understanding wood finishes is no more complicated than having to transfer a liquid finish or paint from a can to the wood surface. Choice of wood finish requires careful planning to ensure […]

Tips For Choosing Quality Wood For Your Project

Raw Slab

When we talk of furniture, more often than not, the first thing that comes to our mind is wood. Whether you are constructing a small dog house or a sizable garden tent, choosing the best quality wood is very essential for obtaining great results. A mind-boggling variety of wood exists and the responsibility of choosing […]

Suar Wood vs. Teak Wood

Suar Wood Slabs

One of the most popular among all the premium wood, teak wood is known globally for its rich golden colour and its resistance to rotting. However, not many people these days can afford teak wood furniture which is one important factor behind the rising popularity of the suar wood. In this article we are going […]

What is the REAL difference between natural wood, veneer wood and or laminate wood?

wood top singapore

It is known to everyone that wood is a fibrous material which is extracted from the trunks of the trees and used in many ways. The core of these productions can be same, but each, and every type of wood differ from each other. They may belong from different families of trees, but each trunk […]

Suar Wood Singapore | The Trendy Live Edge Wood

Samanea Saman

Furniture is an essential commodity that is integral to any establishment where human beings are supposed to spend their time. Be it an office space, or a grand mansion, if it is not well-furnished, it just doesn’t feel right. An empty building can come to life if it is fitted with the appropriate furniture that […]

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