Barn Door

Barn Door

100% Authentic Solid Pine Wood Barn Door

4 Colors to choose from. NOT Laminated Wood.

plank door
Plank Door
Midrail style barn door
Midrail Door
Z style barn door
double z style barn door
Double Z Style
X style barn door
X Style
singe x style barn door
Single X Style
double x style barn door
Double X Style
british brace style barn door
British Brace
Grand total
- +

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The Rustic Charm of Sliding Barn Doors

In truth, it never really went away. Increasingly, homeowners in Singapore are putting barn doors on their renovation wish-lists. Due to their sliding rather than swinging action, they offer not only aesthetic appeal but space-effectiveness and depending on their design and finish, they complement both rustic and contemporary interiors. Since Wood Capitol opened the doors, so to speak, several competitors have sprung up. Choose carefully and your barn door should last for decades to come.

A Turnkey Solution

Wood Capitol offers a turnkey solution for homeowners who wish to beautify their homes, not to mention save space with the convenience of a sliding rather than a swinging door. We offer not only the wooden door, be it in Pine, Suar or Black Walnut, but also the sliding track, handle, door lock and optional soft closing mechanism. A customised barn door can be installed in any home in Singapore within three working days from the date of purchase.

Tips in Choosing a Barn Door

Step 1: Choose Your Barn Door Style

barn door style

Step 2: Optional Barn Door Handle

Barn Door Handle (+$50) A barn door handle allows you to easily slide your barn door.

Step 3: Optional Barn Door Lock

Barn Door Lock (+$50)

A barn door lock secures your barn door for privacy.

Step 4: Select a Finish

Choose a barn door finish that matches your preference and your home interior design.

barn door colors

Step 5: Contact us for site measurement & send you an invoice for confirmation

Contact us for site measurements and we’ll generate an invoice for you to pay with multiple payment modes, including cash, paynow, or internet banking.

modes of payment at Wood Capitol

Step 6: Make full payment before or during site measurement

Everything is now completed on your end. We’ll get your barn door ready in 1 week.

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