Aesthetic Value of Suar Wood

Acclimatisation of suar wood table slabs

Most people would agree when you say nature is the best designer. When you ask them what they think is designed well by nature, they might not have a concrete answer.

There is an example of good design from nature that I want to talk about. By design I don’t mean the way it works, but the way it looks.

I’m talking about Suar Wood.

Before we get to the wood, let’s give the tree some credit. Suar Wood comes from a tree called the ‘ Rain Tree’. The scientific name for this tree is Albizia Saman. Although that’s a random name, the tree in itself has a perfectly shaped design.

An overarching dome that is majestic and forms a protective layer around the entire area it covers. The tree can also grow up to 80 feet tall!

The wood that comes from this tree is something else. The qualities and properties of this wood make it one of the most versatile products for furniture making.


Suar Wood is strong and this because of the way the wood grains are designed. There are three primary ways a wood’ grains are placed.

Straight  – When the grains are vertical

raw suar wood

Spiral – When the grains go around and are spiral

raw suar wood

Cross – When the grains flow in a criss cross manner which basically means the grains are interlocked.


The grains for Suar Wood are Crossed. Due to this they are durable and much more stronger when worked upon.


Due to the cross grain design, the wood becomes much more durable at every inch. Which means, if a piece is cut out from the end, it doesn’t affect the core of the wood. This makes it the perfect wood to come up with intricate shapes and designs that are not possible with other pieces of wood.

With suar wood, you can create tables of almost any shape. It doesn’t have to be only rectangle. You want a table designed in the shape of number eight? It will be possible.

This is perfect for interior designers who are looking to bring a different design for their projects or to create tables that fit certain spaces. Sculptors also use suar wood extensively because of the customizable natured of the wood.

This makes suar wood truly versatile. Suar Wood is an artist’ canvas.

Natural Beauty

Suar Wood has one thing common with sea shells. Just like every seashell has a different pattern, so does suar wood. The criss cross nature of the grains bring about interesting designs and patterns on the wood.

If you cut out a piece of suar wood ten different times, it’s highly likely that you’ll get ten different patterns.

There is one more aspect to the natural patterns. It’s the color of the patterns, you get a dark brown finish, as well as a light brown.

This is great for long tables in restaurants and offices because of the unique patterns which gives a different feel to each table that breaks away monotony.

We posted about our Curation process for getting the Wood slabs into Singapore.
Suar Wood Singapore – What you should REALLY know

The Process of making a Suar Wood Slab

With suar wood it’s all about the process.

At Wood Capitol we focus on giving you the best possible product. Over years of experience we’ve fine tuned the wood making process and this is what we follow that gives you a world-class product that lasts long.

Step 1 : We select the round slab and cut it in the saw mills.

Step 2 : We vacuum pressure the wood to prevent insect infestation and future fungus attacks.

Step 3 : We dry it in the Kiln for 60 days to reduce the moisture content that kill the any remaining insects. It goes up to 100 degrees in the kiln.

Step 4 : Check the moisture level and see if it’s below 15 degrees.

Step 5 : We handpick the best wood slabs with the best wood grains.

Step 6 : The wood is acclimatised to Singapore conditions for at least 6 months.

Step 7 : The wood slab is levelled and flattened

Step 8 : 3 different grades of sandpaper are run over the wood to give a smooth natural finish.

Step 9 : The wood slab is graded for clearance.

Step 10 : The final slab is coated with an Italian water based coat that works as an anti-repellent and prevents stain.

Selling your used Suar Wood Table

Say you are moving houses or leaving the country and you want to sell your Suar wood table. You are in luck because it’s one the most highly valued second hand furniture.

There’s high resale value because of its durability, the wood ages well and the patterns are still intact which retains the beauty of the table.

Size Matters

Every slab is customisable from the beginning to the end. Each and every piece is also unique and different in terms of grains and shapes. This isn’t a mass-manufactured product. This is a hand-crafted masterpiece perfectly suited to your needs. The cost of the end product depends on the size of the wood.

Generally older the tree, the wider the slab that is available to be cut. Younger trees don’t result in wide slabs.

Therefore if you want a wider slab for a large table that will cost more than a slab that has a smaller width.